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Health Care

Pacific Cabinets understands the importance of successfully combating bacteria and germ accumulation in medical facilities. We are experienced in working with the variety of unique materials required to meet the exacting standards of the market.

  • We have solutions for seismic requirements, extremely high moisture areas, and high wear conditions.

  • We laminate all countertops with a phenolic backer sheet on the underside to allow for easy cleaning and moisture resistance. The phenolic backer in addition to the moisture and cleaning provides a balance panel construction that resists warpage.

  • If specified, all of our shelving can be edge-banded on all 4 edges.


Today’s architects and contractors are faced with the formidable challenge of providing buildings with functional casework and millwork in a style that nourishes the desire to learn, and keeps up with technological changes. Our modular system allows for the flexibility of future changes with minimal expense.


Laboratory equipment and materials are expensive. Pacific Cabinets has the financial ability to handle even your largest projects, both in terms of cash flow and performance bonding. Our vast experience building labs reduces the hassle factor by knowing details like where to locate removable panels and how much room is required for mechanical and electrical chases. A state of the art in-house manufacturing system improves quality control and decreases lead times.


We keep up to date with the latest materials, production methods, hardware, and designs thus providing you a full tool chest to help you produce the perfect casework. Our virtual fabrication software can transform your drawings to finished product so that you and your client will know what the finished product will look like…before it’s finished!

Call us for our portfolios on:

  • Coffee bars

  • Retail Display

  • Food service casework

  • Railings for staircases, wall guards, and chairs

  • Reception desks and areas

  • Check out stands

  • Specialty lockers

  • Locker room benches





For any inquiries or questions please call:

208-962-5546 or email: info@pacificcabinets.com

Please send all Bid Invites to:
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Human Resources


To apply for a job with Pacific Cabinets, please send a resume with job application to: info@pacificcabinets.com

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